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Abuse of Power (2023) is a visual translation of the experiences and traumas of visitors to the exhibition Blindspot, which took place in 2022 at Galerie 21 in the Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift.

Visitors were encouraged to write down their own traumatic experiences in a protected space and share them anonymously but publicly. A selection of these contributions was then translated and alienated photographically by the artist. Once again, aesthetics of imaging processes are incorporated, whereby they are reminiscent of posters from pop culture, advertising and media due to the motifs, the rather monochrome colourfulness and the immediacy of the implementation and presentation without glass - those industries and areas in which abuse of power and sexual assaults by men against women have been increasingly publicly displayed, negotiated and made visible in recent years, for example through movements such as #MeToo.

Abuse of Power weaves the individual experiences of individuals into a collective narrative and a communal space of experience that makes it clear that sexualised experiences of violence can and must be considered a systematic part of our social structure and that sexualised violence is always rooted in a power imbalance.

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